Hostess with the Mostess


Hopefully you have the Christmas dinner under control – table settings sorted, the presents under the tree and the kids under wraps... (the last one is near on impossible haha).

Anyway, If your family is anything like ours at Christmas you can forget the presents, the dinner and the sweets – there is something FAR more important which happens on December 25th…… the battle of the families for Christmas Games Champion . This is a big one – it’s the only time of the year you get to take on the whole family, all sides , it gets messy and hugely competitive and usually means we don’t talk to each other by the time Boxing Day arrives. 

Nevertheless it’s tradition and we are here to help ruin all of your family Christmas’s haha ……….just kidding we are here to put that final touch to your Christmas where you will belly laugh with sheer joy.

Studioplays Top Family Christmas Games…….

Best Board Games 

Balderdash – the only time you can lie through your teeth and get away with it – even the kids can tell porkys

Speak out – Dribble your way through this hilarious game – kids v parents becomes a messy affair

Interactive Games

Oven Mitts Christmas Game – 2 teams battle it out for the present, but when you're opening it with oven gloves let the frustration commence.

Poop the potatoe  - you will howl with laughter but be careful not to poop the potatoe before you get to the bucket

DIY for the kids

Pin the red nose on Rudolph          -          Christmas tree stack            -            Candy Cane hunt

Good luck and let the best man win

S & D xx