His Senses


There isn't a girl we know that doesn't like being spoilt, it's in our blood…... but sometimes we have to think of the men in our lives, especially at Valentines. If you are hoping (expecting) them to to indulge your senses next month - here are some ideas on how to return the favour.


How about a day trip to the museum - a little bit of culture never hurt anyone…. Every man loves a trip to the cinema - coffee in one hand - popcorn in the other - don't have to make conversation with anyone, it's a winning gift. Or maybe take in a sporting event -  football? rugby? tennis? It may not tickle our fancy but we are putting ourselves aside here ladies. If it's difficult to make time for days and nights out then please see below a little selection of gifts you can hand wrap with love instead.

1. Artwork  -  It's Full Of Stars by John Karborn 

2. Sunglasses - Delray Sunglasses by Oliver Peoples

3. Book - The Kinfolk Entrepreneur


We love the idea of a night on the town to see his favourite band, if there doesn't happen to be tickets for his number one choice then you could always settle for the trusted CD? How about some headphones, a record players or even a radio? There is so much choice on the market and some really stylish options - are there any men that don't love a gadget?

1. Marshall Speaker

2. Killers CD

3. H7 Bang and Olufsen Headphones


Ok so this one is as much for us ladies as it is for them……Smelling good is everything - a real attraction for both men and women. When you smell good, you feel good. See our fave pics below (we've also thrown in a little humour for good measure)


1. 34 boulevard saint germain scented oval by Diptyque

2. Poo Drops by Aesop

3. Amber by Laboratory Perfumes


They say a way to a mans heart is through his stomach - so lets win him over with his favourite treats. Whether it be chocolate, sweets, wine or fine dining there's a soft spot for something tasty in every mans heart.

1. Cheese Selection - if your partner is a cheese lover why not swap the normal chocolates.

2. Coffee Machine - If you partner loves a coffee why not upgrade the taste go his morning coffee.

3. Whiskey - Getting a good bottle of his favourite stuff will always go down well.


Something silk or cashmere would be our first choice when it comes to touch, and something a man wouldn't necessarily buy himself. A good massage would always do the trick but if all else fails then maybe turn to some of the fab facial products now available for men.

1. Woburn Silk Boxers by Derek Rose

2. Shaving Brush by Gentlemens Hardware

3. Facial Fuel by Kiehl's 

We hope this makes your mans Valentines day extra special and brings you in touch with his senses.

Love S & D