Valentines 5 Senses




The day of Love is fast approaching - hopefully you haven’t run out of romantic steam and instead feeling super creative and inspired. For those of you maybe needing a little loveable push - we are here to help..... after all there’s always room for new, fresh, romantic ideas.

This year we have come up with a real Valentines  treat - an idea that your loved ones can cherish and remember forever - VALENTINES 5 SENSES  - touching on that special persons every sense. 

S M E L L 

Smells can be a real aphrodisiac and there’s no better time than Valentines to set them off. Perfumes, scented Candles and Diffusers will all accomplish this affect.

1. Rose of No Man's Land by Byredo - One of our favourite brands at the moment

2. Nudesse by Overose - This is the BEST smelling candle in the world... ever.. and its pink! 

3. Tempi by Skandinavisk - She has too many candles we here you say (you can't its impossible), why not try this diffuser instead. 


The trusty valentines chocolates are a must or maybe you prefer macaroons? How about visiting your favourite restaurant for a romantic meal or even breakfast in bed. Whatever you chose let’s get those taste buds going.

1. Heart Pancake Ring - add that special little touch to breakfast in bed.

2. Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles - what could be better than champagne chocolates 

3. Macaroons - Hand pick her favourite flavours.

T O U C H 

There’s nothing like feeling the love. Visit a spa or salon to have a relaxing massage. Give those hands the soft touch with that popular hand cream or snuggle in to a cashmere scarf that sits gently around your neck.

1. Aesop Hand Cream - Beautiful packaging and perfect for these cold winter months. 

2. Full Body Massage - A little pampering is always welcomed with open arms, why not book a couples massage so you both get to enjoy the it.

3. Acne Scarf - When isn't an Acne scarf greatly received and we are loving this new one in pink.

H E A R 

Is there any kind of Love like the one that music brings to people lives? Snap up those concert tickets for your loved ones favourite artist or band or maybe a selection of CDs for them to lose themselves in sound of love. Or if your old enough like us and remember making your own mix tape, why not throw it back old school style and feel like a teenager all over again. 

S E E 

I’m sure just seeing and spending time with the ones you love on Valentines Day will be rewarding enough but there’s always that special gift they could open, an old school date night at the cinema to see something romantic or getting that film you both loved from years ago. Lastly, let’s not forget the flowers - seeing those roses still pulls on he heart strings so they will always be a well received gift. Below are our kind of bouquets from our favourite florist - their instagram is unreal @lafleur_flower (although not in the uk, it gives you something to show your local florist). 

Whether it be for your husband, wife, loved one, bestie - February 14th is the perfect time to show them how much you care. 

Who said Romance is dead?

Big Love