It might still look grey and gloomy outside, but yes we are well in to April and the wedding season is looming. What a special time of year this is - creating magic, memories and dreams for the new Mr & Mrs to be. 

We are always looking to create something 'wow' - something exciting and impressive - something that our clients will always remember.

This hanging installation design is currently top our list. Creating a cloud like ambience, floating foliage masterpiece or a floral wonderland entrance. We wanted to show you how PLAY does weddings.



We can hear those wedding bells ringing



Mothers day gift guide


It goes without saying that being a Mum is one of the toughest, most rewarding jobs out there and not a day goes by where we aren't grateful for all the hard work and sacrifices that Mums across the world make for their families. This Sunday is a special chance to say "THANK YOU MUM" and "WE LOVE YOU!".

What's a special Mothers Day without spoiling them rotten - whether it be breakfast in bed, dinner at their favourite restaurant or just treating them like a queen for the day. Whatever you do I'm sure all the mums will treasure and remember it.

If you are still stuck for that special gift - we are here to help. Whatever kind of Mum you have - we have something she will love…….Happy Shopping…...

Interior loving Mum

Mum's who love to be pampered 

Boho Mum

Stylish Mum

Mum on the run

Here's to all of the Mums out there. May we gratefully say that you're simply the best and thank you for everything you do every day.

S&D xxx

Mothers Day Table


I don't know about you guys, but we are so over the cold weather, the snow and basically the endless miserable days with grey skies. SO, we are now putting all of our focus in to Spring. With upcoming events such as Mothers Day and Easter, it so lovely planning for those fresh, clean and bright parties.

Today we are going to share some Mothers Day table settings and decor with you all - this way you can makesure that mothering Sunday is one to remember for the wonder woman in your life.


Simple flowers in drinking glasses can transform any table - matching up your napkins to the flowers adds that special touch without breaking the bank. 


Over here at Studioplay we are still obsessed with a little luxe cutlery. 


Whether you want to do a full table setting, spring flowers or just a beautiful cake and have some afternoon tea - we hope we've helped to add some special touches to your Mothers Day.


Love S & D



The past few weeks have seen us busy creating some balloon magic. We honestly believe these installations make such a statement at any party, event or venue and they really do put a smile on everyones face.

Be Chocolat in Brightons Laines asked us to create a pink cloud ready for Valentines Day. It looked stunning adorning the idyllic cobbled streets and what a head turner it was.

We then headed to London to do another two Valentines Installations for Boxpark. One in their Shoreditch venue the other in Croydon. I think the tunnel of Love has to be one of our favourites to date - pure pink heaven which we are sure gained a lot of kissing action under it on the day of Love.

Croydons vast space had two pink waves hanging from their balconies which looked gorgeously pretty against the black interiors  - lets just say we really threw some Valentines love out there to everyone this year.

Finally we headed back up to Boxpark Shoreditch to install a monochrome masterpiece for their launch of BEATBOX, this will feature a clubesque vibe with some amazing Djs on the decks.


We are buzzing with all the balloon love lately and can't wait for the next Install


S & D xxx


Mulberrys 2018 LFW entrance

Mulberrys 2018 LFW entrance

The past few days have seen the fashion world descend on the UK capital for London Fashion Week. It was Burberry and JW Anderson that were the most eye-catching shows and took a lot of the plaudits……For us though, Mulberry stole our hearts with their exquisite, chic flower wall entrance that shouted sophistication OUT LOUD - when are we going to re-create this for someone?????

So what did we learn from LFW 2018???……. We leant it's time to get your colour onnnnnnn.Whichever way you choose to wear it, autumn/winter 2018’s rainbow trend is the perfect antidote for when your wardrobe starts to resemble a sea of dark moody colours. I guess you could say it's pretty uplifting with all these kaleidoscopic colours that will be on offer - we will for sure be trying to filter through some of these bold colours in to some of our events later on in the year…. Just like Christopher Baileys last runway for Burberry. He teamed up with United Visual Artists using their amazing installation of Our Time which created an amazing spectical for the audience. 

Burberrys catwalk LFW18 with  United Visual Artists


S & D xx

LFW we are hearing you.



Time is ticking and Valentines day will shortly be upon us. You may have already taken some inspiration from one of our recent LOVING gift guides but if you haven't had a chance to prepare, or you just haven't got the cash to splash, don't you worry because it's the thought that counts (they say with the roar of anger coming over their faces) …...haha we are kidding there really are a few touching gestures to make your partners Valentines Day a very special one.



Who will win the nerf gun war? You will have to find the predator first and there is a lot at stake. Who will be cooking Valentines dinner - giving that long awaited foot massage and waiting hand and foot on your partners every need…….May the best man or woman win.



Tell them why you love them. Spend some time writing post it notes with all the reason why you love your partner so much - shape them in a heart on the mirror and watch the eyes fill with tears.



It's simple but effective and full of love……Write some forget me not notes to put inside blown up balloons with little clues leading to something special at the end. 

Pop the balloon, read your clue, follow the trail, end up with a whole lot of love aaaawwwwwwwww


S & D xx

Baby Shower at Ginger Pig


A new twist on our latest baby shower. We went for a more rustic vintage style decor with stunning flowers, simple balloon installations and personalised name places.

Every event is special and unique, it's the little touches that are important to our clients. Everyones baby pictures for place settings went down really well but our favourite touch had to be the four magpies representing a boy - these magpies sat in a beautiful guinness and chocolate cake which was covered in a floral delight. We had the pleasure of styling the flowers for this cake - when we have a vision there is nothing better than executing it yourself.

We are putting the babies on hold now while we focus on the day of LOVE. Keep your eyes peeled for all our Valentines events over the next couple of weeks.


S&D x



Creating magical and memorable parties for our clients is such an amazing feeling. You always wonder from that very first minute you meet them if you will be able exceed their expectations and deliver their dream event.

We wanted to share this one with you because it was sooooo pretty and we LOVE pink. It really did feel like spring had sprung for this gorgeous mama to be and definitely a great way to start 2018.

We have another baby shower this week - there must be something in the water, but before we sign off - I have attached the feedback from our client……this is when your job can't get any better - when you really have delivered that drewm.


"Studioplay girls,

thank you so so much for today! It was unbelievable and went way beyond my expectations. I have never seen anything so gorgeous, you really are total pros."

Hopefully we can create an event for you soon,

S & D xx

His Senses


There isn't a girl we know that doesn't like being spoilt, it's in our blood…... but sometimes we have to think of the men in our lives, especially at Valentines. If you are hoping (expecting) them to to indulge your senses next month - here are some ideas on how to return the favour.


How about a day trip to the museum - a little bit of culture never hurt anyone…. Every man loves a trip to the cinema - coffee in one hand - popcorn in the other - don't have to make conversation with anyone, it's a winning gift. Or maybe take in a sporting event -  football? rugby? tennis? It may not tickle our fancy but we are putting ourselves aside here ladies. If it's difficult to make time for days and nights out then please see below a little selection of gifts you can hand wrap with love instead.

1. Artwork  -  It's Full Of Stars by John Karborn 

2. Sunglasses - Delray Sunglasses by Oliver Peoples

3. Book - The Kinfolk Entrepreneur


We love the idea of a night on the town to see his favourite band, if there doesn't happen to be tickets for his number one choice then you could always settle for the trusted CD? How about some headphones, a record players or even a radio? There is so much choice on the market and some really stylish options - are there any men that don't love a gadget?

1. Marshall Speaker

2. Killers CD

3. H7 Bang and Olufsen Headphones


Ok so this one is as much for us ladies as it is for them……Smelling good is everything - a real attraction for both men and women. When you smell good, you feel good. See our fave pics below (we've also thrown in a little humour for good measure)


1. 34 boulevard saint germain scented oval by Diptyque

2. Poo Drops by Aesop

3. Amber by Laboratory Perfumes


They say a way to a mans heart is through his stomach - so lets win him over with his favourite treats. Whether it be chocolate, sweets, wine or fine dining there's a soft spot for something tasty in every mans heart.

1. Cheese Selection - if your partner is a cheese lover why not swap the normal chocolates.

2. Coffee Machine - If you partner loves a coffee why not upgrade the taste go his morning coffee.

3. Whiskey - Getting a good bottle of his favourite stuff will always go down well.


Something silk or cashmere would be our first choice when it comes to touch, and something a man wouldn't necessarily buy himself. A good massage would always do the trick but if all else fails then maybe turn to some of the fab facial products now available for men.

1. Woburn Silk Boxers by Derek Rose

2. Shaving Brush by Gentlemens Hardware

3. Facial Fuel by Kiehl's 

We hope this makes your mans Valentines day extra special and brings you in touch with his senses.

Love S & D 

Valentines 5 Senses




The day of Love is fast approaching - hopefully you haven’t run out of romantic steam and instead feeling super creative and inspired. For those of you maybe needing a little loveable push - we are here to help..... after all there’s always room for new, fresh, romantic ideas.

This year we have come up with a real Valentines  treat - an idea that your loved ones can cherish and remember forever - VALENTINES 5 SENSES  - touching on that special persons every sense. 

S M E L L 

Smells can be a real aphrodisiac and there’s no better time than Valentines to set them off. Perfumes, scented Candles and Diffusers will all accomplish this affect.

1. Rose of No Man's Land by Byredo - One of our favourite brands at the moment

2. Nudesse by Overose - This is the BEST smelling candle in the world... ever.. and its pink! 

3. Tempi by Skandinavisk - She has too many candles we here you say (you can't its impossible), why not try this diffuser instead. 


The trusty valentines chocolates are a must or maybe you prefer macaroons? How about visiting your favourite restaurant for a romantic meal or even breakfast in bed. Whatever you chose let’s get those taste buds going.

1. Heart Pancake Ring - add that special little touch to breakfast in bed.

2. Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles - what could be better than champagne chocolates 

3. Macaroons - Hand pick her favourite flavours.

T O U C H 

There’s nothing like feeling the love. Visit a spa or salon to have a relaxing massage. Give those hands the soft touch with that popular hand cream or snuggle in to a cashmere scarf that sits gently around your neck.

1. Aesop Hand Cream - Beautiful packaging and perfect for these cold winter months. 

2. Full Body Massage - A little pampering is always welcomed with open arms, why not book a couples massage so you both get to enjoy the it.

3. Acne Scarf - When isn't an Acne scarf greatly received and we are loving this new one in pink.

H E A R 

Is there any kind of Love like the one that music brings to people lives? Snap up those concert tickets for your loved ones favourite artist or band or maybe a selection of CDs for them to lose themselves in sound of love. Or if your old enough like us and remember making your own mix tape, why not throw it back old school style and feel like a teenager all over again. 

S E E 

I’m sure just seeing and spending time with the ones you love on Valentines Day will be rewarding enough but there’s always that special gift they could open, an old school date night at the cinema to see something romantic or getting that film you both loved from years ago. Lastly, let’s not forget the flowers - seeing those roses still pulls on he heart strings so they will always be a well received gift. Below are our kind of bouquets from our favourite florist - their instagram is unreal @lafleur_flower (although not in the uk, it gives you something to show your local florist). 

Whether it be for your husband, wife, loved one, bestie - February 14th is the perfect time to show them how much you care. 

Who said Romance is dead?

Big Love




What's Cooking in 2018?


So we generally here a lot about "New Year - New Me' when January kicks in - it' the done thing after indulging over the Christmas Period - diet / gym / starving yourself haha. We find it all a bit cliche - not to say it doesn't work for many but lets be honest, with everyones demanding schedule of work / kids / social commitments it can all be a bit much. 

Our solution - turn to the cookery books - after all 'You are what you Eat' and it doesn't get much simpler than that. Here are some of our top picks to get you on a healthy path - some real quick and easy options and some suggestions  for the more cordon bleu chef out there.

5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver 

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 17.12.50.png

Nice and easy to follow, clues in the title. We love that it has the nutritional info at the bottom of each recipe. 

The Modern Cook's Year by Anna Jones


We would buy this just for the cover, adds a little style to any kitchen worktop. Imaginative and practical vegetarian dishes for all to enjoy. She has some rave reviews from other well established chefs. 

Deliciously Ella


Ella is widely known for her healthy eating and wellness philosophy. The intro in this book explains her journey with food and her wonderful recipes are enough to inspire us all. Our fav is the chilli.

The Art of Living Well by Hemsley Hemsley


Super book filled with unprocessed and nourishing food. If you like Deliciously Ella you'll love these girls book too.

Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi


Celebrating all things from the ground, this gorgeous book of amazing vegetarian dishes will allow you to see dishes full of colour and flavour.

Enjoy and embrace 2018 by eating yourself healthy. 

New Year Love

S & D x

Baby Boom


Kicking off 2018 in baby heaven. 

Baby Showers are fast becoming a firm fixture in any expectant mums calendar. Not only is it a time to celebrate your imminent arrival, it's also a chance to share some special times with friends. 

Below are some of our favourite ideas and settings to add to the special day. 



However you want to celebrate this magical, exciting time we hope you make some special memories. We are designing and co-ordinating two baby showers this month so keep an eye out for them.  


S & D xxx

Last Minute table settings


With so much to contend with over the Christmas period, especially Christmas Day we are here to help you get that table setting looking perfectly chic. Whether it's for the big day lunch. Boxing day, New Year or any other celebration over the next week here are some simple and easy ideas to make that dining table festive, stylish and fun. We grabbed what we had to hand and encourage you to do the same. 

Hanging Decor 

To give your table that extra WOW factor hanging decorations always adds impact. Cut one or two branches off the bottom of your tree, put a couple of hooks in the ceiling and suspend them over the dining table. Decorate with any left over baubles and lights. 

Lights  & Baubles (similar here)

Table Places 

Quick and super easy, maybe because we bought the gingerbread men lol. Writing each guests names on each one gives that special and personal touch. 

Table Decor

Cut a few more little branches off the tree (if you cut them at the back of the tree no one will ever know). Add some tea lights and holders, small drinking glasses double up great as little candle holders. Then whatever you have left over throw over the branches, in our case pine cones and baubles. Last minute but super festive....


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas filled with Love, Happiness and Joy 

From All at Studioplay xxxx

Hostess with the Mostess


Hopefully you have the Christmas dinner under control – table settings sorted, the presents under the tree and the kids under wraps... (the last one is near on impossible haha).

Anyway, If your family is anything like ours at Christmas you can forget the presents, the dinner and the sweets – there is something FAR more important which happens on December 25th…… the battle of the families for Christmas Games Champion . This is a big one – it’s the only time of the year you get to take on the whole family, all sides , it gets messy and hugely competitive and usually means we don’t talk to each other by the time Boxing Day arrives. 

Nevertheless it’s tradition and we are here to help ruin all of your family Christmas’s haha ……….just kidding we are here to put that final touch to your Christmas where you will belly laugh with sheer joy.

Studioplays Top Family Christmas Games…….

Best Board Games 

Balderdash – the only time you can lie through your teeth and get away with it – even the kids can tell porkys

Speak out – Dribble your way through this hilarious game – kids v parents becomes a messy affair

Interactive Games

Oven Mitts Christmas Game – 2 teams battle it out for the present, but when you're opening it with oven gloves let the frustration commence.

Poop the potatoe  - you will howl with laughter but be careful not to poop the potatoe before you get to the bucket

DIY for the kids

Pin the red nose on Rudolph          -          Christmas tree stack            -            Candy Cane hunt

Good luck and let the best man win

S & D xx

Halloween Installation


Here at Studioplay we take Balloons to the next level. There is nothing more eye catching or making a statement than having an installation. Visually exciting and no words needed. This is fast becoming a huge part of our portfolio and we LOVE doing it.

Here is our latest Installation which floats proudly outside Barber & Frank in Hove. They have fully embraced the Halloween mood and gone for a striking themed installation.

We can't wait for our next transformation ……..

Halloween Styling


Take a seat

if you dare ..........

With Halloween getting bigger and bigger each year we thought we should give you some inspiration with our favourite table settings. So whether you want sophistication or gimmicky fun, from black pumpkins to skeleton guests, vampire blood cocktails to cobweb draped candelabras - there is a style for all. Here at Studioplay we bring you some spooky inspiration to makesure your Halloween is a deadly one. Mwahahahahahaha...

Gothic Glam

Definately the look we would go for if its a sophisticated dinner party you are holding. Lots of candles, black and white pumpkins with those wonderful velvety flowers will get any dinner table ready for a dramatic setting. 

Haunted House Party

Skull fires, candelabras and dry ice, blood shots and spooky pumpkins will add the chill to any spoke party.

Little Creepers

If like us it's all about the kids this halloween, pop over to Pretty Little Party Shop to pick up some fun bits to add that special touch. Above are just a few of our favourite buys. 


Not only is a huge part of any party we plan – we don’t know many people (actually ANY people) that don’t like cake.
It’s a HUGE market now, cupcakes, layered caked, naked cakes, half naked cakes, cakes with fruit, cakes with flowers. 
You can have cakes for ANY occasion, so below we share our top picks for 2017.

Get ready to lick your lips and get those taste buds watering…….


Feeling hungry now……

If you want to see more of our favourite cakes for 2017 just click HERE

See you soon

S T U D I O P L A Y x



Easter Egg Hunts

Spring has sprung - Easter is just around the corner - the kids are on holidays and everyone has a smile on their face.
All you need now is to fill your Easter weekend with lots of fun and loads of CHOCOLATE, and there is no better way to do this than on a good old Easter Egg Hunt.

Whether you want to do your own hunt at home or venture out on an Easter trail mission - there is something for everyone. 

Easter Hunt.jpg

For you home hunters….

- Make your own Egg Hunt signs to help guide the kids along the way
- The best retailers for Easter merchandise are Tiger, PaperChase, Party Delights (online) or your local supermarket can all help in making your Easter Egg hunt extra special….
- Click  HERE  for some fab printable hunting clues (will save you so much time) 

Why not draw some chalk bunny paw prints on your trail to add to the excitement (see below)

If you don’t fancy doing your own DIY hunt then there are so many others out there to chose from.

Cadbuys  are by far the favourite of egg hunts with over 300 venues hosting their annual hunts. Also cost affective at £1.50-£3.00 entry with a delicious egg at the end. Usually hosted at National Parks so you will always be in for a great day if the weather is nice. Click HERE to find your nearest one.

 A Royal Egg Hunt  ‘The Palace Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt’ – Hampton Court Palace. We are not just talking any chocolate egg – you have to find the cute gold bunny - you will also learn about the history of chocolate on the way around. Click HERE for more details.

Where is Peter Rabbit Egg trail for the real bunny lovers. Following an interactive map, will you be lucky enough to find one of the beautiful ceramic eggs up for grabs. Click HERE 

Will you be searching for bunnies hidden in the garden or becoming a top egg detective on one of the many Easter hunts out there - whatever you chose, we hope you have an amazing Easter and makesure you eat LOADS of Chocolate.

Lots of Love
The Studioplay Easter Bunnies

Mothers Day 2017

Is there any dearer love in the world than the love that we have for our mothers?

We would never be able to fully repay them for everything they do for us  - they are like buttons….always holding everything together.

This Mothers Day, take some time out to spend with your nearest and dearest – after all, these times are here to be cherished.

Because we love our mums so much and sure you all do too, we wanted to share our top picks on where to make this special day one to remember, and what better than a spot of afternoon tea.


Tea at the Salt Rooms - Book HERE
More of a classic, traditional afternoon tea at The Grand HERE
Fancy something a little different? Try Metro Deco HERE
For a real treat, try Sketch London for a fabulous experience HERE

Wishing you and your mamas love and fun this Mothers Day.

Team S T U D I O P L A Y xxx


As 2016 draws to a close, we wanted to share some images from our favourite Christmas event we designed, styled and co-ordinated with you all.

Wonderland for the Brighton & Hove Albion FC Christmas Party was just magical. We had so much fun working on this event - from Bunny Masks to Mad Hatters - Golden Keys to the Queen of Hearts - larger than life Toadstools to Blue Drink me Potions, it was definitely one to remember.

Wonderland Blog.jpg

If there is one thing to remember when it comes to Christmas parties - guests are there to have FUN, to get in to the Christmas spirit and enjoy whatever the chosen journey (theme) for that event may be.
I have to say our Wonderland characters we had for the night were AMAZING - they truly brought the whole theme alive.

We can’t wait to hit the ground running in 2017 with weddings, events, birthday parties and build on what has been a fantastic end of 2016 for us.

Watch this space……..
S T U D I O P L A Yx